The LGA Foundation 12 Days of Christmas Campaign 2023: Bright Futures



On the second day of Christmas my good friends brought to me…🎁


As part of The LGA Foundation Christmas Campaign 🎁  Bright Futures used their funding to throw a fabulous Christmas party for their young women and their families. The party guests played games and received a gift from Santa Claus! On top of this, Bright Futures created a free prize draw, offered to their 345 regular attendees. As a result, three lucky young women won one of their ‘winter warmer’ packs, which includes; a fluffy blanket, flask, hot chocolate, fluffy socks, gloves and a hot water bottle. During the festive season, many family face financial challenges that make it difficult for them to afford essential groceries and special holiday meals. However, Bright Futures’ free competition also saw three winner receive luxury food parcels. Moreover, Bright Futures provided 40 families with £15 ASDA vouchers to to families to purchase essential items important to them, such as food, clothing and household supplies. This helps to ensure that they can celebrate the festive season with dignity and joy. The LGA Foundation congratulate Bright Futures on creating such an amazing array of festive celebrations with their funding!


Bright Futures works with young women up to the age of 25 to give them a brighter future by helping them to tackle some of life’s biggest challenges including substance misuse, domestic abuse, unemployment, poor health and wellbeing, sexual abuse and exploitation.

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