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We believe applying to us for funding should be as easy as possible. If you are eligible, our application form should only take about 15 minutes to complete. We require some simple information about your organisation and what you are applying for. We use this information to start our due diligence process to find out who you are and how your activities align to our priorities. We have a rolling grant programme, so there is no cut-off date and we consider repeat funding requests.

Durham Dales Community Hockey Club

Big River Bakery

Applications under £2,000

The initial application form is exactly the same, but it is processed differently. Decisions on these applications are made throughout the year. Any contact from us before a decision will be undertaken by email and telephone only. Please note that we do not currently award multiple year grants for those under £2,000.

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Applications over £2,000

Initial applications are circulated monthly to Trustees and, if any Trustee expresses an interest in an application, a visit by Trustees may be necessary. During the visit, Trustees may request additional written information (usually limited to two sides of A4) so that if a grant is awarded, we have some detail to refer to in our grant letter.

There are no limits to the funding that can be applied for but the Trustees rarely award grants in excess of £10,000. For multiple year grants, we will award up to a 2 year period. The larger the grant application, the greater the amount of detail we require – this may include further meetings and submitting project planning information. Grant decisions are made quarterly, on a rolling basis. Initial applications received close to the time of any of these meetings will usually be rolled into the next decision period. If your application is successful, we will request updates from you during the grant period. The regularity of these will be agreed in advance; usually annually, occasionally quarterly or at particular project milestones.

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Urban Green - Volunteer Clean-Up Crew

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