LGA visits Foundation Futures Walker Community Centre

LGA visits Foundation Futures Walker Community Centre


Today, LGA Foundation had the pleasure of joining an after school club held by Foundation Futures Walker branch.

The Foundation Futures centre in Walker is designed as a colourful creative space with a music studio, area for outside play, a painting table and kitchen.

The club we visited was specifically for children in year 6 and year 7. The young people painted plant pots, made music and proudly cooked dinner. The young people were able to engage with each other through creative methods, sitting and painting pots and sat down together to enjoy the stir fry. The stir fry was very impressive!

We are so grateful to the wonderful team at Foundation Futures for including us in their club. The young people were a joy to be around.

Based in the East End of Newcastle Foundation Futures’ specialist teams work predominantly in¬†disadvantaged communities supporting young people and their families.¬† They deliver bespoke, alternative education programmes to support young people who struggle to thrive in mainstream education.

For more information on Foundation Futures, please see the link below:




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